Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Mrembo Wema Sepetu ambaye jina lake July 11 2016 liliingia kwenye headlines baada ya kutoa viatu vyenye brand ya jina lake, ameingia tena kwenye headlines baada ya kuamua kumuandikia ujumbe Idris Sultan ambaye ni mpenzi wake kupitia ukurasa wake wa Instagram.

Wema Sepetu na Idris Sultan kulikuwa na tetesi kuwa hawapo katika maelewano mazuri lakini usiku wa July 11 Wema Sepetu aliamua kuandika ujumbe kupitia ukurasa wake instagram uliyolenga kudhihirisha furaha yake kuwa na Idris Sultan.

“Having you as a friend, a brother, a lover & of course a shoulder to cry on everytime Im at my worst has been the best feeling ever… I wouldnt want to lose this feeling over anything… I realised Without u then I aint complete…. You have stood by me in good tyms and bad, & even when I messed up soooo bad you would look me in the eyes and tell me, “Baby, its okay, we gon fix this”… Idris you have been one of a kind and losing u is the last thing I want on this earth… I will love you, until forever, until death do us part we will be together… I will hold on to you till da last minute because together we will get there…. I love you with my life…. For I believe you are my True Love, My baby, and Inshallah The Man that my Kids will call Daddy… ❤️“

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