Tuesday, 16 May 2017

TAZAMA Video ya Maiti iliyokataa kwenda kuzikwa.... Mpaka ndugu kuiomba ikubal....!!!

Probably you have heard tales of corpses refusing to get in a vehicle or causing all sorts of drama, well a bizarre incident was caught on camera and it proves these narratives are true.

Most people don’t believe in superstitions, but among the Luo and Luhya communities there is a belief that the dead can still ‘act’.

Sometimes in 2013, KTN reported a shocking incident where body of a casual laborer who died in Eldoret refused to get in a vehicle to be transported to Busia for burial.

All the vehicles that the body was loaded on developed mysterious mechanical problems but when mourners offloaded the body the vehicles moved.

Well, a similar incident happened in Zambia recently. Apparently this superstition is common among other communities across the continent.

There was drama at a funeral in Zambia when a dead body refused to be buried. People carrying the deceased’s coffin were unable to take it to the grave for burial.

The video which caught the incident shows several men struggling to carry the coffin, they were being pushed back and forth. It seemed like the men were wrestling invisible forces that were trying to take the coffin away from them.

These kinds of incidents are believed to happen only when there is foul play in the deceased’s death

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